Wrist watch OEM manufacturing

Introduction to OEM of original watches

We deliver products to your satisfaction.

Launched as a precision tool manufacturer in 1963, Kyowa started wrist watch exterior machining in 1973.
Since 1996, Kyowa has covered all aspects from the design to manufacturing of watches.
Based on years of expertise and quality control power, we offer watches that satisfy our customers.

Watch factory in Yuzawa, Akita Prefecture

Watches are manufactured in an optimal environment surrounded by mountains and rivers.

Careful polishing by craftsmen

Specialized craftsmen involved in manufacturing luxury watches also finish the watches with the utmost care.

Reliable after-sales services

Our repair professionals including class-1 clock/watch repair technicians provide careful servicing.

q02We do not have experience in designing watches. Is this a problem?

a02Kyowa will prepare a design based on your rough design or reference materials.

q02After-sales servicing, such as repair support, is a concern.

a02Repairs are handled by the after-sales service section established in our factory.


Features of Kyowa original watches

  • Reliable quality is delivered from the assembling and inspection in our own factory in Japan.
  • Complete after-sales service is provided at our service center.
  • Design consultation is also available. (A special watch designer will help you.)


Two plans suggested to suit your needs

  1. Custom-made plan
    Your original watch, as well as its case, can be designed from scratch based on your concept.
    Kyowa’s watch designer will prepare a design from your concept.
    Note: Lot size is subject to consultation.
    Flow of the Custom-made plan
  2. Semi-custom-made plan
    Using existing cases available in Kyowa, you can decide how to put your logo on the dial face, and specify the desired plating color and the wristband.
    Note: A new design for the dial face is also acceptable.
    We accept a minimum lot of 300 watches or more.
    Flow of the Semi-custom-made plan

Flow through to fabrication

Custom-made plan

We cope with the complete original, too.
We can discuss about quantity and the payment conditions each time.
Custom-made plan

Semi-custom-made plan

Products of Japan assembling from 300pcs.
Semi-custom-made plan


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