Environmental Efforts

Environmental Efforts

We are ISO-14001 accredited.

Environmental principle

Kyowa Co., Ltd., centered on the company policy of “humanity,” “creativity,” and “internationality,” recognizes that the Earth is a precious place for all creatures including human beings. With the aim of harmonizing our business and the natural environment, we strive to make all employees aware of the need to reduce the environmental load as well as protect and improve the environment through creativity.

Environmental policy

Based on our business of integrated manufacturing and sales of precision edge tools and wrist watches, and with the goal of implementing corporate activities while continuously protecting the environment, we commit ourselves to the following:

  1. While considering the environmental effects of Kyowa’s general activities as well as its products and services, continually improve the environment management system and prevent contamination.
  2. Comply with the environmental laws and regulations applicable to our environmental approach, as well as other requirements we have agreed to. In addition, establish our voluntary standards as necessary to protect and improve the environment.
  3. Set environmental objectives and goals for activities for promoting our business and review them periodically.
  4. To be more conscious of the environment and friendly to the global environment based on our business, we all tackle the following challenges:
    • – Promote activities to reduce waste from overproduction and thus improve the business environment.
    • – Strive to develop and diffuse cutting tools geared to energy-saving machining and mechanical wrist watches that can be taken apart, as these help protect the global environment.
    • – Seek savings in energy and resources while reducing industrial waste.

The above environmental policy will be communicated thoroughly to all employees of Kyowa Co., Ltd., as well as to all people (customers and suppliers) working with Kyowa. The policy will be publicly available on our website.


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